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Board of Directors

OneCalifornia Bank draws its Board of Directors from legal and financial investment sectors. Representing a variety of ethnic backgrounds, professions and experiences, our Directors bring vision, expertise, oversight and sound decision-making to the task of directing the Bank in its mission and goals.

Yellow ArrowBoard Members
   Jeffrey Cheung
   Robert Davenport III
   J.Hallam Dawson
   John K. Delaney
   Andrew B. Fremder
   Richard B. Fried
   Harry Haigood
   William H. Orrick III
   C. James Saavedra
   Brenda B. Spriggs
   James P. Steyer
   Tom Steyer
   Margaret C. Sullivan
   Kat Taylor

Yellow ArrowOneCalifornia Foundation Board Members
   Carol Galante
   Michael Kieschnick
   Tom Steyer
   Kat Taylor
   Martin Weinstein
   Salvador Menjivar
   Robert Wilkins

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